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AUTHOR :-  S.P , owner of this site

Part – 2

True story

The baffling,mind-blowing part of this whole story . If it is all true- Is that Dan Burisch ultimately is told by his governmet superiors that being is not technically ‘Extraterrestrial’ because it is a time traveller from a distant future of(atleast 50,000 years in the future),that deteriorates into severe medical problems that threatensn the entire civilization.
Their is advanced enough to throw themselves back to our present to try to harvest genetic material from earth life to help repair the future damage.
That’s essentially corect, as fantastic as it seems.But it would explain why there is such interaction,why there is such interest in us – why the abductions.Or even why the animal mutations,because some of these beings are conducting these operations and they are harvesting material.Harvesting material they hope can help them and this is the reason why they traveled back.

And another reason is :how did they get into this condition?
Well,they are talking about there is yet to come a catastrophe that affects the whole population of the earth.This catastrophe was of such a nature that it included intense radiation and as we radiation can change ,mutate genes.Those that were exposed to it underwent microevolutionary changes that eventually ended up in these type of creature.Ofcourse, something was defective that passed on in the genetic line that resulted in neuropathy.There was another branch of the human racethat apparently goes on and remains more human and becomes more as Dan has termed it more ‘Spiritual’ in nature.
Both of these branches of the human race at a far time in the future as they have developed technology for not only travel to other planets,because we do go on to inhabit the planet Mars in the future and probably builds habitat there.
According to Dan’s understandingof this time phenomenon that he has been exposed to.Yes,according to that.That is a jumping off point from Mars to thier ultimate destinations and the little grey type humanoids end up on some planet around Zeta Reticulli 2. The other human blond-type,Nordic-looking types ,end up somewhere in on a planet near the middle star in Orion’s belt,Epsilon Orions.He doesn’t know what particular planet that was. He was only told about them from the J-Rod.
And this event that set all this in motion is supposed to happen in 2012.