True story

Dan Burisch is a microbiologist ,he is 40 years old.In 1989,as Dan Burisch graduated from SUNY Stonybrook with a Ph.d. in Mibrobiology and Molecular Genetics,Dan was at the same time employed by the U.S. Navy’s DOD Naval Research Laboratory.His Rank was ciaptain and his title Microbiologist IV.In 1994,he was assisgned to work in an underground laboratory at S-4/Area 51, five floors under the Papoose Mountain istallation at Nellis AFB,Nevada.The fifth floor is accessible only by a secure elevator.In the year 1994,he suited up in the fifth floor underground laboratory like an astronaut with breathing and urinating hoses.His assignment was to enter a round “clean sphere” filled with cold hydrogen atmosphere that housed an entity called “extraterrestrial” by his government superiors.The percentage of hydrogen in sphere was only 4%;he reamining compositionof the atmosphere is unknown BH.
Dr. Burisch saysthe being at S-4/Area 51 was called “J-Rod”.The name emerged when the being pointed at the “J” key on a computer keyboard and then at a hyphen “-” or “bar ” key.Telepathically, the being communicated that those symbols were equivalent to the number 15 in hieroglyphics,similar to egyptians.
Fifteen the being telepathed, was an appropriate name for him because it was the number of light years from Earth to planet important to his civilization. So the Majestic group named him”J-Rod”.
Dr. Burisch was told that there was a serious medical problem with J-Rod an his species and that MJ-12 wanted Dan to extract tissue from the being’s arm for microscopic study.A serious peripheral neuropathy was diagonised and Dr. Burisch said in the year 1994, he collected more than 100 tissue samples in an effort to study the J-Rod’s nerve damage and to perhaps develop a treatment.Dan became upset by what he was learning and in a whistle blowing effort,Dr. Burisch began to leak information to long time UFO researchers and Executive Director of Skywatch International,Bill hamilton,in the summer and fall of 2002.
That year, Bill played audiotaped and videotaped interviews of Dr. Burisch talking about his microbiology research of the extraterrestrial being’s neuropathy and a complicated threat that has come to be known as the Time Convergence Paradox.
In april,Dan Burisch told Bill Hamilton that he has negotiated a deal with his government hamdlers to retrive from official service to MJ-12.But he wants to keep researching the tissue of “panspermia” – the seeding of life on Earth that has been provokedby what the J-Rod has communicated to Dan Burischduring the tissue extraction procedures at S-4/Area 51.

The purpose of taking these tissue samples was to come up with a means possibly to reverse engineer the genetics of this paticular entity, perhaps even by hybridizing genes together in order to remedy a peripheral neuropathy that this entity was suffering.Which is some kind of Deterioration of the nerves that is causingboth a weakness in the ability of the being to stand up and loss of the body heat from the entity’s body.
MJ-12 and entity had reached some kind of agreementthat if we would help fixing the problem and what was needed was samples from the presen-day human genomes that’s why coming to us on earth.They need somethig from us They need these assistance,or atleast some asked for this assistance, and in exchange for the help,they would provide us with some details of their advanced technology which in turn could be passed to those scientists and engineers who deals with hardware.