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Part – 3

True story

If I may go outside of the Dan Burisch circle,another source indicated to me that a long time ago,one of the first gifts given to us by the extraterrestrials and given to Harry Truman of all thing was a sphere and this sphere was multi-dimensional.It has six portals.One of the portals would open up a view of future. That was the first one they were able o open up.And they saw things they couldn’t understand.And what they saw,was fire,fire ,fire evreywhere,like earth was burning up.But as he understand it,that sphere still exists.And another device called the Yellow Book which is a holographic type of record that the J-Rod have about our history and their history from thousands of years ago to the present and into the future.And some people who have had access to yellow book, have accessed the future and have almost gone crazy about what they have seen.