True story

Author : S.P ,owner of this site

This is a true horror story from a place in Assam,India.
I heard this story from a man who lived in that place where the incident took place.He told me that once there were two boy living in a hostel.At day time they go to the school and in evening they study,take their dinner and sleep.They lived a very simple teenager student life.Their warden was very strict and they didn’t allow them to go out of the hostel except the school.

But one day it was their friends birthday.Their friend invited them to his birthday party.The two hosteller boys wanted to visit thier friends birthday party since their friends house was a few kilometer far from their hostel.So that night the two hosteller requested their warden to allow them to go,to their friends birthday party.At first the warden denied them.But after sometime looking at thier innocent face the warden allowed them to go to their friends house to enjoy the birthday party.But the warden took a promise from them that they will come to their hostel before TWELVE A.M.
The two hosteller were very happy that they will enjoy in thier friends birthday.

The two hosteller dressed themselves with new and cool clothes and went in a rickshaw(Taxi) to their friend home that evening.Thier all the friends were very happy to see the two hosteller friends in the party because they never goes to any party.That evening all of them enjoyed very much in the party.Then suddenly the hosteller remembered their promise to their warden to return to their hostel before TWELVE A.M.
The two hosteller said to the birthday boy about their promise to their warden.The birthay boy who was their friend understood the whole situation and managed to bring a rickshaw whose driver was living near his house.They all requested the rickshaw driver to leave the two hosteller to their hostel.The rickshaw driver was a wise person so he decided to leave the two hosteller to their hostel.The two hosteller were travelling on their way to hostel in rickshaw approximately at 11.30 p.m.
While travelling on their way they saw a small child nearly five years age on the side of the road crying for his father and mother.The two hosteller felt very bad and asked the driver to stop the ricksaw and they also decided to take this child to their hostel and to handover the child the next day to the policeman.But the rickshaw driver was not agreeing to this decision.He said that this road is very bad and it will be TWELVE A.M after some time so we shouldn’t take this child with us in the ricksaw.But the two hosteller didnot listened to the driver.They took the child with them to the rickshaw.The driver was sitting in the front seat to drive the ricksahw and the two hosteller were also sitting in the front seat and the child was sitting in the back seat.Suddenly after sometime the rickhaw stopped in the middle of the road,it was not starting.Then the driver went outside to look at the engine and all.After seeing that everything is find he started the ricksaw, this time the rickshaw was starting but it was shaking in the same place, even the tyres were running but it was not going front.The two hosteller were standing outside the rickshaw beneath the road and bussy in talking to each other but the child was still sitting in the back seat of the rickshaw.When the driver found out that the rickshaws tyre was moving but still the rickshaw was not moving from its place, he looked back and what he saw was terrifying him, he was amazed and shocked.He saw that the small child who was sitting in the back seat was something different,but it was clear that it was not a child.The two legs of the child was enlarging and becoming long and his legs were coming out of the doors of the two sides of the rickshaw.His legs were down till the road and he was actually stopping the rickshaw from going front as his legs were brakeing the rickshaw.By seeing this the driver was very scared.He left his rickshaw in the middle of the road and runned away from the rickshaw.The two hosteller who were standing beside the road were amazed to see the driver running away from the rickshaw.The two hosteller run near the rickshaw to see the child but seeing the child with his enlarging legs they realised that the child was something else.Even the two hosteller boy run till thet reached their hostel.

The two hosteller were very scared but they didn’t said anything to their warden because the two hosteller thought that everybody will make fun of them.They reached their room and sat in their bed.One of the boy told the other boy that he has to go to the bathroom and asked the other boy to accompany him to bathroom.But the other boy denied and asked him that are you feeling afraid to go to the bathroom alone.By listening to this reply the boy went to the bathroom alone and while he was sitting in the bathroom, he saw the child hanging in the ventilator of the room.He was shocked to see that the ghost child followed them to their hostel and suddenly the chid jumped down to the boy from the ventilator.The boy sceamed very loudly asthough his soul was coming out of the body.The other boy who was sitting in the bed and everyone in the hostel ran to the bathroom to see what was going on with the boy.But they saw that one of the boy who was in the bathroom was dead.By seeing this the other hosteller boy was very scared.Then the other hosteller boy told everything to the hostel warden about the child that they took with them in the ricksaw was not surely a child but a ghost.Every one in the hostel were very scared, the next the other hosteller boy went to his own house with his family.He leaved that paticular hostel,school and even that city.After that nothing is known about the other hosteller boy.The room of the two hosteller boy and the bathroom were sealed and nobody is allowed to enter there.

After sometime when one of the Pujari (priest) came and heard all this story and saw the two hostellers room and the bathroom, he said that the childs ghost is very angry and he is still waiting for the other hosteller boy who was in the rickshaw. And untill the childs ghost finds the other hosteller boy he will haunt all the people of that particular place.So agreeing to that Priests saying all the people of that place started to find the other hosteller boy to give his HUMAN SACRIFICE (BALI) by cutting his neck on TWELVE A.M. because according to Indian Mythology TWELVE A.M. is the devils hour and in this time all the evil spirits are in their maximum power.But the people were unable to find the other hosteller boy since he have leaved that state(place) with his family after that incidence.